The final countdown to leaving the dock…


Rio at her best. At home on the water. We are going to miss her terribly when we leave the dock in a few weeks. But, it looks like she has found herself a good home while we will be away!


15 thoughts on “The final countdown to leaving the dock…”

  1. Glad Rio is set!
    We think of you guys often and are looking forward to updates and exotic pictures.
    Tell “Ernest Shackleton” not to sail to far south!
    Ed, Jess, boys, & dogs.

    1. Hi Cindy & Dean!

      Thanks for the comment. We’re currently in Morro Bay, CA preparing to leave for San Diego tomorrow AM. Working to get the website updated with info, photos & tracking points. In the meantime, you can track our progress using the following link:

      We’re busy getting ourselves organized onboard. All going well. Glad we escaped from Oregon before the weather turned to winter, which is what they have now. We’re in 70 degrees & sunshine!

      Love & hugs all around!


      1. Yay! It’s working! So glad to hear from you! And to see the map to track you! you realize you will be having tons of eyes watching you all coursing the oceans! Dean says no lollygagging!!! Amazingly enough, Rochester has had summer weather for over a week now!! WE are loving the climate change hahaha
        Are you having turkey for thanksgiving LOL!
        Love to you, Karen, Sean and Sarah

  2. We are thinking of you all and sending love and best wishes your way for fair seas! We’ll be following your progress and updates!

  3. Hi Arpags,

    I have been following your journey. I hope you are having an exciting adventure. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    Linda Hampton

  4. Peter, Karen, Sean, Sarah,

    Hoping you guys are having a grand adventure so far! I have video of you guys leaving the dock in HR so let me know how we can get it to you to post on your site. Looking forward to updates. Seems like C-dock crew know where you are but would like to track you from time to time!

    All the Best,
    Michelle and Jeff

    1. Dear Infinite Grace crew,

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve been wanting to reply, but felt that I’d been promising updates “soon” for far too long. Now that we’re caught up to date on the site, I can reply. Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to hearing updates on your preparations very soon. Best regards, Batu crew

    1. Thanks Chris!

      We’re missing C-dock as well, but not enough to journey back to 34 degrees and rain! Just thinking…it’s possible that’s why the dock is not so full?

      Kind regards,

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