June 14, 2017 – Northbound – #40

At the Docks - Marina de Papeete, out home away from home
At the Docks – Marina de Papeete, our home away from home

Our time in Tahiti has passed quickly – quite a different experience from the last time we were here when it felt like we were stuck in cement. Although this stay has been only three weeks, we’ve accomplished a lot including washing away the stress and weariness of our previous passage from New Zealand.

While in Tahiti we discovered that our packing gland, a compacted joint preventing water from coming into the boat at the propeller shaft, was in need of new flax packing. We’ve covered over 15,000 miles since we last did the work during a haul-out in Mexico. Replacing the flax packing requires completely opening the packing gland for at least a couple of hours, so we researched haul-out options and were quoted $1783 USD to haul out and complete the labor. With some timely advice from cruising friends (s/v Enough) we decided to do the work while in the water, and naturally, ourselves. The key to this trick, we discovered, is to plug the stern tube from the outside of the boat. We used modeling clay, which kept the stream of incoming seawater to a light trickle once the packing joint was completely open. On some boats the packing gland is very accessible, but in Batu it happens to be one of the most difficult places in the boat to reach. Nonetheless, the profound desire to avoid spending $1783 made the cost (2.5 hours, several liters of sweat, and a couple nicely bruised ribs) worthwhile. I breathed a huge, (and somewhat painful) sigh of relief when the job was finished!

So our torn sails and dodger panels have been repaired, our oils changed, our fuels replenished, our spare parts and provisions restocked. Now we have our sights set toward the North: Hawaii, and then the US mainland. If all goes according to plan, the next passage should cover about 2650 nautical miles, taking us across the equator to the 50th state. Although there are regular squalls, and the remote possibility of an early season hurricane traveling out from Central America to greet us back to the Northern Hemisphere, we hope for relatively steady trade winds and significantly less drama on this passage. Fingers crossed.

Athough our aged InReach device is acting up a bit, we still post up position “dots” approximately hourly while underway, so anyone interested can map our progress at our Map Share . (Link – https://share.delorme.com/svBATU). The map is also visible at the bottom of our “About Us” page (Link – http://thevoyaginglife.com/index.php/about-us/).

Papeete Waterfront - A lovely park lines the harbor in Tahiti
Papeete Waterfront – A lovely park lines the harbor in Tahiti
Downtown Tahiti - We've grown quite used to, and fond of this view
Downtown Tahiti – We’ve grown quite used to, and fond of this view

9 thoughts on “June 14, 2017 – Northbound – #40”

  1. You all are SO awesome! My dad loved to sail, and I was often his first mate, but we never ventured far from Sodus Bay. He would have lived your story.
    I am now really looking forward to a visit here w Sheri and Kim. We hope to retreat to the mtns, go to hot springs, get massages and just be mellow. If your granny still wants me to, I hope to join her in August on a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. That’s about as adventurous as we get!
    It looks like you can handle just about anything, but I wish you smooth sailing and beautiful family memories. Hugs to you all!

    1. Awesome Moof!

      You know we think the same about you, right? Hope you are enjoying those beautiful mountains! We’re thinking of you. Perhaps we’ll even manage to catch you if you’re touring the OR coast around end of August. At any rate, big hugs all around!

      PT, K, S & S

  2. Hi All! Great meeting your mom, Karen! I am looking forward to spending some time with her while we are staying at your home. I hope you are reading this post from a relaxing place in Hawaii. We love reading about your travels. Thank you for opening your home to Jeff and I – and our pup, Zolton. He loves Rio. Not sure I can say the same for Rio. Mimi and MB

    1. M & MB!

      We’re so glad that you are able to enjoy the homestead while we’re away. Thanks for keeping an eye on our Rio-pie. She’s such a bad doggie, but we love her. It’s a problem. Hope the wind is good for you this year! I’m not sure if you’ll still be around when we return (early Sept) but we’d love to catch up in person. In the meantime, big hugs!

      PT, K, S & S

  3. Hi Peter & family, I don’t know if you heard about all of the tragic things that have happened to me in the last 2 months. Glen & I were in a serious accident with our truck coming home from our new place we bought at the beach. Our dream home, as we called it, is on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park. Glen did not survive the accident and I was seriously hurt. I miss Glen every day and it’s hard to imagine my life without him. I just sold our property and I am moving into a small apartment in Oregon City for now. My mental state is a little fragile and my kids want me to be closer to them for now. Please email me and let me know when you guys will be headed home so we can get together. My email address is lghampton2000@yahoo.com.
    Linda Hampton

    1. Linda!

      We just arrived in HI and were shocked to read this. We are incredibly sorry to hear the news! Thank you for sharing. I sent a reply direct to your email – hopefully you’ll receive it without a hitch. We hope to make it back to Astoria in early Sept. and will track you down for a proper huggin’. Our deepest sympathies,

      Peter, Karen, Sean & Sarah

  4. Can’t wait to have a beer or two.. Just yesterday it seems like I followed you out of the harbor and you have since traveled half way across the world and are close to being back.. Hugs to all

  5. Greetings Batuligans,
    Good to see the Batu in
    Honolulu ! Step by step, inch by inch
    Ever closer to home.
    News alert:
    Harrison Bekir Arpag
    8.2 lbs
    White trunks
    Love from all Landlocked Arpag’s

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